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What is it, where is it, is it safe? Questions we ask ourselves when we talk about Cloud Solutions.

In everyday language, it means that you are storing and accessing your data and your programs over the internet, not on your computer's hard drive.

We do not recommend the cloud as the only place you keep your data / work. It's nice to be able to access your data anywhere, anytime, but what happens if the internet connection is slow...or down?  Keeping a copy "in the cloud", for safekeeping is fine...however, depending on it as your only source is like keeping your eggs in one basket, not the best choice.

We use our hard drives, the cloud, off site backup solutions, flash drives, external drives, and feel confident that they all won't fail at the same time. It's all about keeping your data safe, and keeping your data within your reach. Emphasis on SAFE.

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